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“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” 
― Stephen King, On Writing.

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"If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals."— J.K. Rowling

What Dreams May Come - Richard Matheson As hard as I tried to make myself care about this book and its characters, I just could not.First of all, it is very tedious, with too much exposition and endless infodumps in the dialogue form. The story gets so bogged down in the exposition that it becomes very dull to follow. At times it reads like a technical manual, with dry and repetitive narration. In this book, Matheson for the most part tells instead of showing, which makes it hard for me to enjoy the story. The characters are poorly fleshed out, and the relationships between them are one-dimensional.The afterlife world that could have had such potential to be exciting and fantastical is filled instead with arbitrary rules and regulations, and seems like a rather dry, boring, and bureaucratic place. What really frustrated me is that based on these rules, if a person, let's say, struggles with self-esteem or a mental illness, he or she would be eternally screwed here. Not cool. Basically, this version of afterlife is not as much like this ... ... as it is like this. Boring.Overall, reading this book felt like being beaten over the head with a lesson in morality, which was not that well-written either. Giving it 2 stars is almost a stretch, but I have read many books that were much worse.