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“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” 
― Stephen King, On Writing.

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"If you want to know what a man's like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals."— J.K. Rowling

The Magic Anatomy Book - Carol Donner In a few short weeks, I will finally become a doctor. And for this I want to give a sincere word of thanks to The Magic Anatomy Book that planted the seeds of my love for medicine back when I was about seven.******This book made me so fascinated with the beautiful world of human anatomy, that I aced my anatomy section of high school biology without much need of a boring required textbook. That's what reading this book cover to cover at least eight times does! I kid you not - I had memorized the structure and functions of Golgi apparatus, intestinal brush border, blood-brain-barrier, and white blood cells before I was even old enough to write in cursive. And it was not tedious or boring thanks to a fascinating story and gorgeous illustrations.******The Magic Anatomy Book follows the adventures of twins Max and Molly (and their orange cat Baxter) as they stumble upon a strange book in their Grandmother's attic, and are suddenly transported into its pages - smack in the middle of a working human body (female, as they later find out - as a future gynecologist, I am ridiculously excited about ovaries!). Max and Molly quickly befriend a little lymph droplet Freewilly and start in a quest that takes them through the digestive, respiratory and cardiovascular system, through the blood-brain barrier, and basically into every nook and cranny of human body. They manage to anger a macrophage, hitch rides on red blood cells, and even - *gasp!* accidentally kill a cell.*** *** ***This book does away with the misconceptions of so many people that anatomy is all about the number of bones in one's hand or muscles of the thigh, or the exact innervation of the spleen. Instead, it presents human body as an interconnected society of cells and fluids, organized and working in perfect harmony. Written and illustrated by Carol Donner, a medical illustrator, this book is a beautiful and interesting introduction to the inner workings of human body. ******It is written to be easily accessible to rather young children - who obviously can easily understand scientific concepts if they are presented in such a fascinating way.However, it will be interesting for adults as well, especially those who do not have a good working grasp of the intricacies of human anatomy. And I firmly believe that it should be a required reading for college anatomy courses. NOW THE TRICK IS TO MAKE SURE MY FUTURE (HYPOTHETICAL) KIDS READ THIS BOOK, TOO.